Re: This Is The Exodus #sarnai #Killick

Silvy <afranklin09c@...>

>>>Sarnai: "No."

It felt like forever - that wide swath of time between realizing that the Consort - Altansarnai - knew this woman, and the resounding echo of her refusal. In that temporal sea was a knowing, the odd sensation welling up anew that something here was wrong. Something about the way she looked or the way she moved, the timbre of her voice, was just off enough that those little signs began to peel back the illusion like a second skin.

>>>Sarnai: "Killick, go!"

>>>Mitali: *NOMNOMNOM*

The hand on his sleeve served to rip the facade the rest of the way off, as Killick's eyes widened at what was beneath: Blood on her hands and blooming from her chest, bubbling past her lips and for half a moment, he thought to try and help. His chest rose with the urge even as his mind raced to put together what had happened when the glamour shattered - the knife was the Consort's (Sarnai?), some of that blood had been there all along, and the thing that went to ground to feed had more in common with the creatures they were running from than any woman he'd ever seen.

The vulgarities that left his lips then weren't fit for a Queen's ears, but luckily Sarnai wasn't that yet - maybe not ever. He dismissed the thought with indifference - Queen or Consort or whatever she was - and stepped back with her. "Let's go," He agreed, a rough quality to his voice belying that there would be questions later for all the what the fuck he didn't yet have time to process.

Who knew, after all, how long the thing would spend tearing into that man's throat? So he pushed through the crowd again to make way for her, until they found a stretch of clear they could run through. As well as a woman carrying a tiny, caterwauling baby could run, anyway.



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