Re: Not a Soul Up Ahead #Brandy

Vincent Gonzales

Who: Tristan
With: Brandy, Manfred
Where: The Silver Tankard
When: Sunset, Tuesday, March 11th 872 RoK

Tristan had been content to continue his conversation with Brandy as it had went so far, "officially" meeting her at her tavern and going on about bounties and evil villains in the forest and so on, but of course, someone had to go and ruin it by puking on the floor. "This is like basic all over again," he said under his breath before realizing it, glancing around to see if anyone had heard him.

When the door wouldn't budge, Tristan's nerves shot up a bit, but when the drunkard bit his goddamn friend, he knew things had went very very wrong. "Someone try a window!" he called out, springing to his feet, a dagger in his hand. This place was too tight to draw his longsword...

Manfred: *draws his bow*

Tristan almost did a double take when he saw another person draw a bow and arrow and try to take aim at the group. "What're you, crazy? Don't go off shooting bows inside a tavern, you're as likely to miss as you are to hit your target!" he exclaimed, stepping between the biter and the archer, his head still on a swivel as he held his dagger firm. What the hell was going on here?!


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