Re: Not a Soul Up Ahead #Brandy


Manny: *draws a bow* "Stand away, quickly!"

In Brandy's moment of total horror, one of the bar patrons seemed to react immediately to the danger she could feel like smoke in the air, choking her, by drawing a bow. It was all happening so fast, and Tristan was then barking out orders and Brandy was quick to comply.

Tristan: "Someone try a window!" "What're you, crazy? Don't go off shooting bows inside a tavern, you're as likely to miss as you are to hit your target!"

"Zombie," Brandy said - barely able to keep the panicked declaration from becoming a shout. She immediately jumped to follow Tristan's order even as he faced off with the archer. She grabbed a barstool near her and threw it at the window nearest her. It busted, spraying glass onto the floor, and immediately a man tried to dive through it…

But the hungry growling that came through the opening and the anguished screams of the escaped man confirmed Brandy's worst suspicion: zombies were outside, too. A groping arm snaked through, reaching and grasping blindly, sending Brandy scurrying away…

Were they trapped? What did they do on the Walking Dead? What would Michione do…?

Where was Zaire? Brandy's frantic mind turned to the pirate that she knew would have cut through these monsters, no problem. Or at least known what to do… but he was probably already well off shore by then. Brandy was going to need to find her inner-Carol to survive this time, and, feet quick, she ran to the kitchen to claim a sharp chef's knife as a weapon. She returned in time to shout at Tristan just as the zombie was finishing one meal and setting his sights on another. "Tristan, kill it! That's a fucking zombie!"


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