Re: Not a Soul Up Ahead #Brandy


Who: Manfred
With: Tristan, Brandy
Where: The Silver Tankard
When: Sunset, Tuesday, March 11th 872 RoK

Tristan: "Someone try a window!" "What're you, crazy? Don't go off shooting bows inside a tavern, you're as likely to miss as you are to hit your target!"

Brandy:"Zombie," *breaks window, more zombies. nom,nom.nom"Tristan, kill it! That's a fucking zombie!"

Manny didn't need some human telling him what to do, and he wasn't going to be a good meal for these things. As noble as it was to try and save the patrons, he was intent to save his own nimble ass. He fired an arrow at the zombie in the window pinning it there and blocking others from climbing through right away. A second arrow with a rope attached shot up into the roof of the tavern.

And the thief was climbing upward rather swiftly, headed for the roof. "You might want to save yourselves! At least barricade the rest of them outside first..." Arrows were not good weapons against zombies unless you were already prepare with heavy quarrels, and shafts of white oak. Or you were a really good shot. Hooking his rope around his legs he fired his bow at the base of a zombie's skull and it dropped to the ground thrashing about on useless limbs that had their communication cut off from its infected brain to the rest of its body.

There was already becoming too many of them, and he climbed for the roof to cut open an escape. Thankfully zombies couldn't climb but the roof would only be a respite until there were enough to pile on top of each other to reach the top of the short building. Maybe they could at least save some of the patrons. He sighed and rolled his eyes, pulling his dagger to cut through the ceiling to freedom.



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