Re: Am I the king of nothing at all? #Sanya


That bumbling twat of a son to the Royal General, wasn't he suppose to be the grand creature hunter? James vowed to deal with that treacherous young noble  later, and Francesca as well. But everything in order first, because when Poppy alighted with him (how she carried his weight was beyond him) the Duke got a good view of the mayhem below.

Castile recognized the vampire as one of the maidens from his realm, and in all likely ship there were two others.... worse there could be ten other. He mentally cursed his older half brother and whatever deal he made to ferret out his consort. The flying devil had his arms pinned and he was sure her intent was to drop him until his armor cracked, like a seabird that wanted to feast on a crab. 

Pulling his legs up and around the vampire's waist he dug into her back with the spurs on his heels. Reeled his helm back and slammed it forward to cut at her face with the huge arcing curved horns that adorned it. "Peasant, I serve a greater master than you" he growled. "Die and join your father!". He was going to tear the wings from this beast and shove them down her throat.

He'd do the same to Francesca Rossi when she was found if his damnable host would free him of their promise not to kill her. This was her doing!


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