Re: Got Your Back If You Got Mine #Marcus #Jude

Silvy <afranklin09c@...>

Who: Jude (as Juliette Mackenzie)
With: Marcus
Where: The Crooked Fox, King's City
When: Tuesday, March 11th, 872 RoK

Zombies. Her lips formed the same words, brows furrowing even as she wondered briefly - was it just a shared word for this kind of aberration, this event? Probably. Plenty of things seemed the same in Eventyr, no matter how much sense it all made. Even physics didn't change too much despite how magic wove strange currents through the world...

Juliette drew her own blade quick, though, no pussyfooting about it as soon as she was to her feet, eyes on the vacant-eyed things that had once been men before them: "Aim for the head," She told Marcus, hoping only that if they called them the same damned things here as on Earth, everything else stuck to the plan as well. It was a stretch, but...

But even still, she strode forward with a swing meant to rid them of at least one menace. She would have preferred a gun, but there was something satisfying about the cleave of blade through flesh.



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