Re: In the so-called Land of the Free #Jaya #Kira


Who: Jaya

With: Kira, Bridgette, Open

Where: Artisan's Quarter, King's City

When: Sunset, Tuesday, March 11th, 872 RoK


"Jaya? Are... you okay?" Though she already figured that it was a reasonably worthless question. 


How something could simultaneously feel so natural, so right, and so soul-wrenchingly wrong at the same time, Jaya didn't know. She didn't know--or really care--why a nasty brawl was starting to break out between several others who'd been eating the same meat pies as her. She didn't really care that there was something of a chorus of screams starting to pick up somewhere in a distance--far enough away that the sound wasn't exactly clear but still odd and piercing on a day that should have been celebratory.

Kira was her roommate. Kira was a living, breathing human being.

Kira was food.

She took another lurching step forward and reached out for Kira, but then suddenly pulled her arms in tight around herself, in horror of what she was thinking. But why would it be horrible? Eating was natural. A part of life. And wasn't someone as absolutely lovely as Kira worthy of becoming food?

Jaya's gut churned at the thoughts that were running through her, or it churned because of the tainted meat pie she'd jus eaten, or some miix of the two.

"I... really, really want to eat you right now," Jaya said, very literally between clenched teeth. She wasn't sure what would happen if she let her jaw unclench, or if she stopped holding onto herself. With all the skills she'd gained over these last years in Eventyr, she doubted that Kira or anyone else could stop her. "I... think you need to run. Now."


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