Don't Ask Me How I've Been #Jaya #Kyky #manfred #Kira


Who: Kyky

With: Kira, Manny, Jaya

Where: Brickstone Tavern, Merchant's Quarter (A designated refugee/recovery location, due to the fact that its owner was killed by zombies and not there to object to this use.)

"Okay, so, great news," Kyky said, settling down at the table with her friends with a bowl full of food and a mouth full of gossip. Manny was there, along with Kira, who'd just come into the fold, and Jaya herself, who was - hopefully - enjoying her first meal that in no way involved any actual or desired human flesh. Kyky wore a fresh dress - it was of the most common make and made her look very low-class - but she wore a smile that clearly said nothing mattered except what she was saying.

"The city is secure!" It felt good to say, and so Kyky said it, even though she immediately had to hedge. "It's, like, mostly secure? Anyway, we can leave. We can go home." Kyky cast a significant glance toward Jaya - who she was sure wanted nothing more than to hit up a Walgreens for some fucking dramamine - and then a less-sure glance toward Manny, who… well, who she'd be sad to leave. Not just in all this, but at all. With all that conflict, Kyky's glance rested on Kira. "Look, Eventyr's not always like this…"



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