I Know Fake Happy #Bert #Sanya


Who: Sanya

With: Bert

Where: A private room in the Merchant's Quarter

When: March 14th, 872 RoK - Late Afternoon

Typically a person leaving the city for points west would leave out through the Soldier's Quarter, but considering its current state, Sanya had not been the least bit surprised to catch Bert leaving the city through the Outer Wall in the Merchant's Quarter. She'd heard that he had gone above and beyond in assisting in the immediate aftermath of the disaster, and she knew  that the king himself had bestowed land and title to him due to the good deeds he had performed in the past.

If all she knew was true, he wasn't a fearful man or one of the nobles who were more concerned with wealth and status than responsibility. And, if he was responsible, there was a chance she could count on him.

So she sat across the table from Bert in a fairly plain cream dress, tawny brown cloak over her her shoulders, hood down. She didn't even wear any of the typical gold and jewels of her station. Her cat Moswen's collar was overtly fancier than anything she was wearing, really.

"You must be wondering why I stopped you before you left the city," Sanya said aloud to him. "First, I wanted to thank you personally for your service these last few days."

She paused there, though, to judge his reaction, to get a better feel for him. How did he take praise?



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