Re: Don't Ask Me How I've Been #Jaya #Kyky #manfred #Kira


Who: Jaya

With: Kyky, Kira, Manny

Where: Brickstone Tavern, Merchant's Quarter

When: March 14t, 872 RoK - Late Afternoon

Jaya was glad to have a bowl of predominantly vegetable stew sitting in front of her. Sure, it was refugee rabbit food, but also she didn't know if she would want to touch meat in Eventyr again for a long while after what she'd just been though. The fever, the hunger, the way it had affected her thoughts and her perception in such a powerful hallucinatory way... She'd never had such cravings before in her life, and she never wanted to experience them again. It was a good thing that Kira hadn't eaten any of the meat pie, a doubly good thing that somehow Kyky had been there to bring her and Kira to safety.

Her roommate had just been trying to bring Jaya something she'd forgotten, and for that good deed, now she was stuck in the middle of a medieval zombie apocalypse. 


"Look, Eventyr's not always like this…"


"It's true," Jaya agreed, trying to muster a smile. "More often than not, you can get caught up in the sort of adventure that builds up to being knighted by the king. Well, except the king..." She swallowed, the pause a little too long. "I guess we still don't know who the next king is going to be at this rate."

She didn't know Manny well enough to know if he was from New York or if he was pure Eventyrian, but at the very least it seemed like Kyky trusted him. Still, Jaya intended to keep the Earth talk close to her chest and subtle.

"Things have just been... more sour lately than usual. I'm sorry I got you stuck in this, Kira," she said, knowing the words were weak, shallow. "We'll get home soon."


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