These Mascara Tears #Marcus #sarnai #Killick


Who: Altansarnai
With: Erden, Killick, Marcus
Where: North and Norther

When: March 11th, 872 RoK - late afternoon

Wearing: with a heavy cloak

It felt good to be out of those ridiculous gowns, to feel her hair hanging freely down her back, to be on horseback once again, and the familiar sway beneath her brought with it a sense of rightness that Sarnai hadn't felt in almost a year. It didn't even matter that the horse under her was about five years past his prime and three hands taller than she was used to, or that it was huge trees surrounding her rather than waist-high prairie grass; she was free and her son was safe.

All Sarnai needed to do was keep it that way. She could only assume that those left of the royal family would want to seek them out. Maybe not yet, maybe not for years, but eventually her son's claim to the throne would have to be dealt with and Sarnai would be ready whenever the time came.

Brushing long hair back over one shoulder, Sarnai gave a soft squeeze of her knees to prompt the chestnut gelding into a trot, drawing up alongside Killick as the deer trail widened just enough for them to ride side by side. "I never thanked you," she admitted, watching his now familiar profile. "Not properly." The slightest twitch of the reins had the gelding slowing to a walk again. "You risked much to help me." She lowered her gaze to the baby tucked into the makeshift sling, his sleepy suckles slow and content. "Us. It's appreciated and I hope you were well compensated . . ."


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