Better Hope I Don't Blink #Bridgette #James


Who: The Green Duke aka James
With: The Red Spirit aka Bridgette
Where: The Enchanted Woods, Eastern Realm
When: March 14th, 872 RoK - Late Afternoon

As much as James Castile didn't like leaving the King's City, it was in good hands with the Northern Duchess and the son of the Royal General (oh yes... and those other lesser nobles). So using a fairy circle in a garden that had once been strictly for his half-brother, the late king, he had suddenly appeared in its counterpoint located in a garden on his estate. Did anyone truly think Philip had ever traveled by common coach and horse?

It was important for James to come back to the East for several reasons besides securing his realm's borders against wandering zombies. The Alicorn needed to be retrieve it could heal some of the worst off, and the living unicorns needed to be protected from poachers more than ever. He could bring back medicinal herbs and water from the unicorn spring as well. Hopefully it would keep thieves and poachers at bay, and put him in good standing when he opposed the West if the two were given freely to the stricken.

And finally the magic that gave him breath came from the East, and he would always have to return here.... There were times James wished the forest would just grow and swallow the rest of Eventyr. Castile walked alone leaving his men and animals in the safety of the borderlands before traversing the deeper woods on foot in his infamous green armor. It glittered in the waning sunlight that filtered through the dense foliage of the giant trees around him.

Marching with purpose but being keenly aware of his surroundings, love of the forest did not make one immune to a carniflower, James moved toward where the spring would be. His gloved fingers stretched out to caress bushes and flowers as he walked...


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