Re: If I Smile With My Teeth #Brandy


Who: Zaire
With: Brandy, Gwen, Hawkins, Jude
Where: Reception at Francesca's Palace
When: March 14th, 872 RoK - late afternoon


"We leave 'fore sunset," Zaire said softly to Chaz, who looked like he'd rather be anywhere but here. "Whether we found what we're lookin' for or whether we ain't. Let th'men know."

"Aye, Cap'n," the young carpenter answered with a nod, disappearing into the crowd in the general direction of where they'd last seen Jimmy, the boatswain's attention wholly on his new wife's skin.

Uncharacteristically uncomfortable, the last thing Zaire wanted was to be under Francesca's roof, in the middle of a vampire buffet, when the sun settled behind the horizon and afternoon turned to evening. Already he was very aware of the scars on his throat, in a way that he hadn't been since receiving them, and he knew that feeling would only compound once night fell, so he needed to stay focused. They were here for a reason: to see Brandy safe to New York, so they could go back home to the Island and the families they'd been too long away from.

But in order to do that, they needed to find someone with fairy dust who was willing to part with it - either by coin or force - and when a resource was in short supply, who more likely to stockpile it that nobles? Someone here was bound to have some and all it took was shaking down the right leads.

Zaire's eyes easily found Brandy again - apparently checking out the food options - and as he made his way back toward her, he happened to catch the eye of a passing noblewoman. She drew back just slightly, seemingly unsure of how to react to his playfully amorous wink, and as he continued on past, he heard her friend murmur something about Captain Visser. He wasn't surprised that he'd been recognized and it wasn't even so much that he minded, but there was a certain implication to him walking around the Queen's palace without worry . . .

"Saw that, love," Zaire said softly, sliding a familiar hand around Brandy's waist and giving the purse a little jiggle. "Ye got stickier fingers than a pirate."



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