Re: Better Hope I Don't Blink #Bridgette #James

Vincent Gonzales

Who: The Red Spirit aka Bridgette
With: James Castile aka The Green Duke
Where: The Enchanted Woods, Eastern Realm
When: March 14th, 872 RoK - Late Afternoon

Getting out of King's City had been a priority for Kim nearly as soon as the zombie outbreak hit. The chaos that followed - and getting her friend cured of her horrible affliction, were enough to leave any witch shaken and looking for an exit. But, to top it all off, she had a cadre of Small Folk with her. Whom she had taken with her to have a fun adventure not a damn horror. As soon as the smoke had cleared, her and her pixie friends created a fairy circle and got the hell out of the King's City and back to the sanctity of the East. Back in her forest.

The pixies had, of course, went about buzzing with excitement as soon as they got back and, from what Red could tell, they had thought it another successful adventure. Just...great. That would be a problem for later, she'd told herself, spending the next few days tending to the forest and the rest of its creatures. Fending off the occasional poacher, she'd kept herself busy enough, as she always did.

After steering a herd of deer away from a carniflower, she approached a clearing, the sound of human foot-falls calling her attention. She caught a glimpse of the familiar green armor through a copse of trees and raised an eyebrow. What was the Green Duke doing this deep in the forest, she wondered.

Still, he walked with purpose, and so she followed, noting his path. As she reached to push past another set of bushes, she felt the draw to call out more than ever. He had been...mostly kind to the forest and it's people. And he was technically family.

"You don't want to follow that path, Green Duke," she called out, stepping out from between two trees. "A mother bear nurses her children just on the other side of those bushes."

It was true, of course. Red wasn't the type to mislead. Most days. "Head southeast, give her a wide berth and she won't bother you."


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