Dance Magic, Dance #Brandy #Bert #Bridgette #Theo


Who: Theo

With: Bridgette, Bert, Brandy

Where: Silver Tankard Wagon, Riverside Avenue, Artisan's Quarter, King's City

When: Thursday, February 28th, 872 RoK (Reign of Kings)

Technically, there were two ways to come into the the King's City--via the Soldier's Quarter or the Merchant's Quarter, but Theo had taken the third. With all the things he'd heard about the King's City and the upcoming festival, it was easy to make the King's City the focal point in his mind, even though he'd never been there. The Fairy Circle he'd found in Manhattan did its magic and whisked him away from the December chill into a slightly less chilly February late afternoon.

Time was different enough between Eventyr and Earth that Theo had worried he might miss the whole festival, but from the moment he'd appeared in an herbalist's yard and promptly gotten shooed off by the herbalist's apprentices, he could tell he hadn't missed a thing. The streets were filled with music, celebration, food, and drink.

He'd asked a few questions and feigned being blackout drunk and forgetting the day to get some answers. The best party was at the Castle itself today, but you couldn't get in without an expensive gift for the baby.

The second-best party was the one that had formed up around the line of people waiting to get into the Castle, on Riverside Avenue. So, with no intentions to actually try to get into the castle, he'd made his way to Riverside Avenue.

He stopped for a moment to lean up against the stone wall that separated the avenue from the river itself and peer over it. It was a solid construction, but looking at how fast the river water in the channel flowed, and how wide it seemed, he would have expected the river to be louder--a deafening roar. Instead, it only provided a sort of distant rumbling bass beat to the battling street performer music in all directions.

"...never get through with a gift like that one," a woman was telling a man who held a bundle of something in his arms.

"I'll damn well try if it means a chance of getting any of that unlimited free beer," the man retorted.

Theo quirked a smile, hand on his ample-enough coin pouch. Although whatever he spent in Eventyr stayed in Eventyr, he'd pocketed more cash than he usually carried around with him on Earth, so he figured he had enough money that he wouldn't need that unlimited free beer. He cut through the crowd that might also have been a line and looked around until he spotted a wagon with a tent set up outside of it, surrounded by plenty of people who looked like they had fresh drinks. It bore a logo of an overflowing tankard, surrounded by curling letters that spelled "The Silver Tankard."


As he approached, it was hard to tell if there was any sort of queue or line, so he just did what he expected would be most correct in this situation and started to shoulder his way past the people who held full mugs and tankards and toward the apparent barmaid.

"What's your best drink?" he called out over the voices, hoping to catch her attention with his voice and with a dashing smile.


Theo, dressed in red and ready to party:

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