Re: Better Hope I Don't Blink #Bridgette #James

Vincent Gonzales

Who: The Red Spirit aka Bridgette
With: James Castile aka The Green Duke
Where: The Enchanted Woods, Eastern Realm
When: March 14th, 872 RoK - Late Afternoon

"The Witch of Roses?" Red asked with a cock of her head, hopping up onto a fallen log and tip-toeing, barefoot, across its length. "I've been called a witch before...usually by unhappy men. But not that witch, no. Most call me Red."

Her eyes focused on the armored man as she followed him on his new path. "Where are you going, Green Duke? You seem to be in an awful hurry..."

The huff of a bear could be heard, clear as day, a few dozen feet away. Close enough for a lesser man to cower, even turn course and run. "I think her boy may not be eating enough," Red said with a frown, looking in the direction of the sounds with concern. "The fish have been slow upstream lately."


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