Re: Don't Ask Me How I've Been #Jaya #Kyky #manfred #Kira


Jaya: "It's true," "More often than not, you can get caught up in the sort of adventure that builds up to being knighted by the king. Well, except the king..." "I guess we still don't know who the next king is going to be at this rate." "Things have just been... more sour lately than usual. I'm sorry I got you stuck in this, Kira," "We'll get home soon."

Kira: “No, it’s my fault for trying to follow you.” “I hope we’ll be home soon.”

Manny: "You're leaving...?"

Kyky's eyes slid over to Manny when he piped up, and her eyes dropped to his hands and the skilled way he carved an arrow. "Lucky that no one here's going to be looking for you, huh?" She said instead. The last thing the Royal Guard would be doing was looking for escaped thieves. "You can probably go home, too…"

She sighed, quietly, because his words gave her the immediate impulse to promise that it wasn't that she was leaving forever, that she would be back… and that was true, but he'd been so ambivalent with her that she didn't know how to feel any further than she had in the fray - she knew she needed to know he was safe. But sometimes their connection was powerful enough to make her skin tingle, and other times she thought he was just going through the motions to be polite…

So she shrugged, a bit, and turned back to Kira, who was hugging herself in a concerningly self-soothing manner. Kyky reached out to touch the girl's hand, and tossed Jaya a glance in hopes of getting her buy-in.

"We'll get there, but, like - home is no picnic either," Kyky said, in all honesty. "We have tornadoes and hurricanes and wildfires and... wars that go on for decades, mass shootings every day, student and credit-card debt... " Her sigh, then, sounded like a wry laugh. "We abide it all because the media gives us a steady fix of dopamine so we don't notice." Texts, likes, shares, retweets, notifications… they'd been brainwashed to think that because they were distracted they were comfortable during an apocalypse not that different from the one happening, here, in Eventyr.

An off-centered smile pulled at Kyky's lips and she chuckled, "At least here, you can stab your problems through the eye, you know?" With a playful glance toward Jaya, Kyky added, "And no job you land at home will be as cool as a knighthood, can we just be real."


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