Re: That's When I'd Get Knocked Down #Theo #Tristan

Vincent Gonzales

Who: Tristan
With: Theo
Where: Merchant's Quarter, King's City
When: March 14t, 872 RoK - Late Afternoon

Tristan had to stop himself from rolling his eyes at just how bad of a dodge Theo's description was. He lived off of Broadway...which got it's name from how broad it was...He had fond memories of he and his mother getting off the D line and walking down Broadway as she told stories of the founding fathers and the native men and women that came before them. She liked history, and loved her city.

But, that was all kind of besides the point. The fact was, Theo was from New York. What the hell were the odds?! So, Tristan nodded along as Theo spoke, leaning in as the perfect question came to mind to really confirm his suspicions. "I think I only need to know one more thing before we find you a fairy circle home," he said, fighting back a smile. "Yankees or Mets?"


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