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“Aye lass, it was not a good situation.” Hawkins shook his head slowly. More and more he was seeing the human side of this werewolf, and it almost made him forget exactly who he was dealing with. If these creatures truly were monsters, he had yet to see it.

He sighed with relief as she shrugged off his poor choice of words. That too, showed more humanity than he had expected. “I appreciate the thought, lass. Me only request be that I come with ye and see him thrown in this very cell. Though I’d be hard pushed to not run him through with me own blade when we found him. Or at least give ‘im a good sock in the nose.”

Hawkins could just barely make out a smile on the woman’s face in the dim light. She seemed to be recalling fond memories of days long past. He loved those types of memories. You could get lost in them and let yourself fade out of reality. They were a break from the harsh world he’d come to know and it meant peace, at least for a time.

Her answer nearly brought tears to his eyes. Home was always the place he could never go. Home didn’t feel the same anymore. “Aye, home would be good. Yer son must be very smart te get into a college. I’d never make it meself. Can barely read as it is, but I get by.”

The sudden urgency in her next questions startled him a bit. “Nay lass. I cannot say I’ve heard of ‘New York’. What makes it new? And the only queen I’ve know was our late queen, may she rest in peace. What other queens are there? I’m sorry if that troubles ye. But if this ‘New York’ is a new place, I’d surely love to go some day. How do you get there? What is it like?”


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Hawkins: “Nay, not a pirate, though I’ve been put here because I looked like one. Ye could say I’m a pirate hunter, though. At least I was until recently.”

"That fucking sucks," Alessandra said, her face curling unpleasantly, as if she'd tasted spoiled milk. He'd been framed as the very thing he fought against. That was another level of messed up. It made her miss New York - at least there was more data to ensure a level of objectivity. It wasn't perfect, of course, but such an obvious mistake wouldn't have happened. Here in Eventyr, it was more he-said-she-said. Unless someone important had wanted him here… which wasn't an impossibility.

Hawkins: “Ah, yes. That would be me former captain. He had me thrown to the wolves and ran with his tail between his legs.” “Beggin yer pardon, I forgot who I was talkin’ to.”

Alessandra let out a dry, humorless laugh as she excused the faux pas. "No worries," she assured, and doubled down on it with a certain indulgent amusement. "We ever get out of here, and I'll hunt him down like the dog he is and get him to show throat. I promise."

Hawkins: “What would ye do if ye could get out of here? Where would you go?”

Alessandra let a grateful smile spread across her face, although she doubted her new friend would see it in this darkness. His question was so kind. He knew she wouldn't get out, and if she did, she wouldn't escape. But the fantasies had been rattling around in her brain, and he offered her the opportunity to voice them to, hopefully!, someone who would outlive her. She loved this not-pirate for that, and her eyes fought the darkness to make out the edges of his face as best she could.

"Home," Alessandra said. "And see my son again. He'll probably be in college by now." With time moving differently between worlds, it was hard to tell. The words sparked a tiny bit of hope in her heart, and, with sudden urgency, she asked, "Do you know New York? Queens?" It was a longshot, but if he did, and he could take a message back…!



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