Re: Better Hope I Don't Blink #Bridgette #James

Vincent Gonzales

Who: The Red Spirit aka Bridgette
With: James Castile aka The Green Duke
Where: The Enchanted Woods, Eastern Realm
When: March 14th, 872 RoK - Late Afternoon

Red nodded along as James spoke of the blight on King's City, and how he hoped to help them. That was...a kinder notion than she would have suspected. She watched in silence, curious as he dug through his pack and gave away some food for the bears. It was a small matter for the noble, surely, but it was enough for the former Princess to make up her mind.

"You should accompany us, these woods are no place for a solitary traveler.... or a young lady" he stated flatly, as he moved back to his path to continue his journey.

The young woman smiled sweetly, nodding in agreement at the Lord's proclamation. "No place for solitary travelers indeed," she said, falling into step beside him. "I'll help you find your spring, then," she announced, stepping under a low-hanging branch and over roots that stuck out of the ground of the thick wooded forest.

"You'll need it, if you hope to get close enough to the unicorns to ask permission to use their spring."


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