Re: Don't Ask Me How I've Been #Jaya #Kyky #manfred #Kira


Who: Jaya
With: Kyky, Kira, Manny
Where: Brickstone Tavern, Merchant's Quarter
When: March 14t, 872 RoK - Late Afternoon

"No, you didn't make a mistake, following me," Jaya said to Kira, shaking her head. "If anything, I could have been more honest with you. I mean, you probably wouldn't have believed me, but..."

Jaya's eyes were drawn to the movement and color of Manny's unusual daggers. Hey, she had what essentially amounted to a cloak of shadows, so she wasn't going to act too weird about in anyone else's odd personal possessions, but those daggers did seem very fine, at the very least. If the flow of conversation weren't more about staying, leaving, and hard realities, she might have asked him where he'd gotten them.

She could see how Kyky wanted her to contribute, and it wasn't exactly hard. "Yeah, getting dropped from temp job to temp job, living paycheck to paycheck, just barely scraping together rent... It's been nice to have an escape to a place where I can make a difference."

Sure, that difference mostly involved being the secretive assassin for hire known as the Ghost Blade, but it also meant traveling with Lord Bertilak and Kyky and other adventurers, and doing things that really seemed to help people.

"From the sound of things, we'll have to leave the city if we want to find a fairy circle to get home," she said. She pushed a plate of food a little closer to Kira--all of it vegetables and fruit, no meat. "Same direction as home for you, maybe, Manny. We'll need strength for the journey. Maybe we'll get lucky and meet a unicorn on the way, or come across a pixie dance party with plenty of pixie dust to make a fairy circle with. And I bet we can get some art supplies pretty cheap right now, if you wanted to do some drawing on the road. There are some beautiful sights, Kira."

Maybe mentioning Kira's craft would help snap her out of that tight ball of stress and trauma?


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