Re: That's When I'd Get Knocked Down #Theo #Tristan


Who: Theo
With: Tristan
Where: Merchant's Quarter, King's City
When: March 14th, 872 RoK - Late Afternoon

"Yankees or Mets?"

Theo hadn't exactly been trying to get away with a neat and tidy clean lie. If his mentor knight was from Earth, he wanted to know it, without a doubt. So Tristan's very direct, very Earth-specific question brought a beaming smile out of him, and he didn't bother to hide it. Instead, he held a closed fist up for a fist bump as he replied.

"Mets, man. Hope that doesn't make us mortal enemies, after all we've been through these last few days," he said. "I wouldn't have thought for a second you're actually from my neck of the woods. You had me fooled. The knight gear, your skills, everything. You must have years of experience here. I only just stumbled my way through..."

He checked his volume as he spoke. As excited as he was, there was no telling how the locals might react if they were too open about being from an entirely different world. In his experiences thus far, he'd seen that some could be a little bit suspicious about perceived witches, after all. It wouldn't be any kind of good to get thrown over the waterfall because he said the wrong thing at the wrong time.

"I've got a recording session on the twenty-third. Since I was only planning to be here for the announcement, I didn't think it was going to be a problem, but we're almost three days deep, and no exit in sight. Best as i can tell, time's a little faster here, so I probably haven't missed it yet..." It felt like a huge weight off of his shoulders to just be honest and direct about why he needed to get home, and where home was, exactly. "Do you have family missing you? Work?"


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