Re: If I Smile With My Teeth #Brandy


Zaire: "Saw that, love," "Ye got stickier fingers than a pirate."

Brandy gave his hand a playful slap as she chided, "Give me away, why don't you?" After all, the infamous captain drew quite a bit of attention - at least, from the people who weren't already too tipsy to care, whispering intimately half cloaked behind a curtain, or dancing near the singer and small quartet of musicians. "Meet any other rogues?" There must have been a fair population of outlaws drawn to the outlaw Queen, after all...

But her tone was joking because while usually the penalty for theft could be severe - Brandy had her fair share of nightmares about losing a hand ever since she'd realized her compulsive kleptomania - there was a strangely ordered sort of lawlessness hanging in the air, and the fact that Zaire and his crew could mingle freely was a stark reminder of that. No one yet knew what the rules would be in the West, yet, and everyone - including the pirates - would walk on eggshells until they did.

"Not a bad party, huh?" Brandy asked, gesturing at the spread. "She clearly wants everyone drunk and horny by sunset," so the vampires would have a buffet of their own, she assumed, and added dryly, "but then again, what good hostess doesn't?"

It was easy, given Brandy's experience with vampires, to suppose that a bloodbath waited after nightfall - but that couldn't be the new Queen's intent, could it? "What do you think this party, even…. is?"



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