Re: If I Smile With My Teeth #Brandy


Brandy: "Not a bad party, huh?" Brandy asked, gesturing at the spread. "She clearly wants everyone drunk and horny by sunset," so the vampires would have a buffet of their own, she assumed, and added dryly, "but then again, what good hostess doesn't?"

It was exactly where Zaire's thoughts had gone and part of him wished Brandy hadn't vocalized it, so he could have continued to believe that he was simply being paranoid. But if she was getting that same feeling then it meant that he'd made the right decision to pull his men out before sunset.

Brandy: "What do you think this party, even…. is?"

"She's strengthenin' 'er powerbase," Zaire answered softly, eyes drifting over the food again as he consciously decided that he wasn't going to eat a bite of it. "Seducin' 'er way into friendships. S'easy t'get whatcha want when ya got vampires workin' for ya." He hated saying it out loud, because it was precisely the situation he'd ended up in only the evening before, but it was true. And it would be easier for her tonight; a vampire's persuasion, combined with sweet words whispered into the right ears, made for an easily struck deal. "After t'night," he added, with a knowing lift of his eyebrows, "there ain't be anyone in t'West who'll stand against 'er."



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