Re: Don't Make Me Play Pretend #Malia #rafael


Who: Mathias Gonzalo
With: Malia, Mathias
Where: The Castle, King's City
When: March 14th, 872 RoK - late afternoon

"Do you remember anything, from the period while you were… ill?"
"Yes, father," he added, eyebrows rising in question, "do you?"

If Mathias recognized the anger seething beneath his son's expression and actions, he didn't acknowledge it. He allowed himself to be shephereded back into the bed, when in the past he would have insisted on sitting at a table for such an important discussion at the very least. No, even that first question stirred up cold fear and bone-deep weariness within him. Guilt, embarrassment, shame. He looked away from both the Duchess and his own son, not quite willing o meet either of their eyes.

"Everything," he said. "I remember everything. I will not run from the shame of what I did or avoid just judgment. I deserve nothing less than summary execution for the shame I've brought to this title and the Royal Family." He said all of this levelly, like he'd already weighed it out and consigned himself to his fate.


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