Re: These Mascara Tears #Marcus #sarnai #Killick


Killick: "Oh-" Well. That much was true, the thanking, but everything had happened all wrong. "We were - distracted," He pointed out helpfully. "It wasn't meant to go that way..." … "But I didn't do it for thanks, or money-- compensation." 

Sarnai's lips pressed together, one side drawing downward in a half-frown as she considered that. She'd just assumed that Sanya had arranged some sort of payment and, well, maybe she had, to be given upon completion of the job, but then circumstances had changed all those carefully made plans . . .

Killick: "You needed help - I wanted to help you. And if I hadn't been there to see what was coming... who knows where I might be now?"

Dead, he meant, or turned and feasting on human flesh. Or sacrificed so some noble could survive instead . . . 

"But . . ." Sarnai paused, chewing her lip as she considered those who had helped her thus far. Sanya, of course, and now Killick, and both seemed to be doing it out of the goodness of their hearts but why? In her limited experience, people seemed far more likely to turn on her - like Malia, who had seemed to kind at first, or outright throw her to the proverbial wolves, like James Castile. Yet, Sanya risked everything to arrange her escape and Killick may have taken the risk because it had seemed a simple task - smuggle her and Erden out of the city - but he was still traveling with her. He could have left them on the banks of the river and gone about his life without fear of further retribution . . .

"...why?" she finished. "Do you not have family? A place to go?" She knew very little about her traveling companion, after all. He was likely from the West, judging by the occasional accent that slipped through in his speech and that lined up neatly with the fact that he seemed to be better on a boat than a horse, and he knew a surprising amount about babies - far more than she did . . . but none of that told her much of anything. "I know so little about you . . ."



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