Stomping on a Beat #francesca #Jude


When Queen Francesca returned to the party, she did so with the pleasantly disheveled Daniele Ferrari at her side. Political alliance aside, her hands had itched to muss up that long blonde hair of his the second he'd entered her home - and the way his gaze lingered when he'd knelt before her to swear his allegiance… 

The Ferraris were the most powerful family in the West, and the fact that they had chosen the most handsome of their kin for this task - for Daniele was not the eldest, not the strongest, certainly no patriarch, but gifted in his own way - showed that they were understood the game, and they were willing to play. It was promising. 

And, knowing his job was done, and done well, he sauntered away from the Queen and toward the buffet with naught but confidence in his step. 

The problem for Francesca, though, was that the two other largest families in her land had not followed suit. This was not a surprise on the part of the Gonzalos; there was a plan in place for that, even if a reactive one, given that the Royal General had not done as instructed and died, which threw Seo-jun for a loop.

The question mark had been the Weston clan, from the plains. They had sworn, sure, but they'd sent a nobody relative and made no offering. Their loyalty was worth no more than the air Pietro's words had dissolved into, and while Francesca knew it, they had done as asked and Francesca wasn't quite sure what to do about the falseness of it.  

Seo-jun would be awake to advise, soon enough. 

Smoothing her hands over her long, loose hair, Francesca returned to the party in her honor, accepting a glass of wine from someone she didn't recognize, and whose features she could not immediately attach to a local family. Which was good, because if her new regime could attract people to come in from Eventyr, that was promising. 

So Francesca accepted the drink, with a smile. "Welcome, Lady…?"



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