Re: These Mascara Tears #Marcus #sarnai #Killick

Silvy <afranklin09c@...>

Who: Killick
With: Erden, Altansarnai, Marcus

Where: North and Norther
When: March 11th, 872 RoK - late afternoon

It occurred to him, slowly, as Sarnai went on, that it might be uncomfortable, traveling with someone you knew so little about. Trusting them. Putting your life in their hands, the way she had, even though she seemed just as capable of handling herself - the help hadn't hurt, he knew, and chances were without the other, neither of them would have made it out of that city. Dead, turned, or sacrificed. What had happened back there...

"They're safe-" It was an answer without an answer, Killick realized, and so traced his tongue over his lower lip as he gave a tug on the reins to pull Muriel away from the distraction of a passing shrub. "Far enough away from here not to worry." At least... everyone but Pa. He was likely to head West, both because passage by ship would naturally take him that way and because it was the quickest route home, Killick figured. As much as they fought, as much as he seethed and spat about the danger Zaire put the crew in, he knew his father would get them to safety as best he could.

"My place is back in the city, anyway." Ma would worry, but Pa could tell her he was safe, last he saw. When it was safe, maybe he'd even get a message out- "But you saw... When all this is figured out, I'll go back to the college." If. "Until then..." 

The pause went on longer than Killick meant it to, but he shrugged, and offered a kind of lopsided smile. "You aren't so bad." 



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