Re: These Mascara Tears #Marcus #sarnai #Killick


Killick: "They're safe-" It was an answer without an answer, Killick realized, and so traced his tongue over his lower lip as he gave a tug on the reins to pull Muriel away from the distraction of a passing shrub. "Far enough away from here not to worry." … "My place is back in the city, anyway." … "But you saw... When all this is figured out, I'll go back to the college." 

Sarnai watched Killick's profile, her eyes drawn to his lips as his tongue slipped out and then disappeared again, and found a hint of selfish relief settling into her chest. His family was safe, which meant that he wouldn't likely be abandoning her so he could return to them and, as he pointed out, going back to the King's City right now was absurd. Who knew how long until it would be habitable again . . .

Killick: "Until then..." … "You aren't so bad." 

Sarnai had been about to open her mouth, to prompt him to continue, but then he spoke and she found her lips pulling into a smile and her face warming in a blush that crept along cheekbones already pink from the cold. Suddenly shy, she let her eyes drift away from him, first to the trail ahead, then to her son as he finally drifted into a deep enough sleep to relax his jaw and allow her to straighten her top. 

"You have a wife," she said, suddenly, jumping to the first conclusion that made sense from what she knew of Killick thus far. "And children. That is how you know so much about new babies?" Or maybe it was college? Her midwife had been a professor at the Queen's College, a kind but no-nonsense woman who Sarnai had liked immensely and the consort couldn't help but wonder, briefly, if she'd made it through the zombie outbreak unharmed. "Or," she tipped her head in curiosity, "do they have baby classes at the college?"



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