Re: If I Smile With My Teeth #Brandy


Who: Pietro Weston (NPC)
With: Zaire, Brandy, Open
Where: Reception at Francesca's Palace
When: March 14th, 872 RoK - late afternoon

"Long live the queen, right?" And with a chuckle, added, "Really, really long, probably."
"Cap'n Zaire Visser," he said, confirming what the other guests had been whispering since the pirates had made their appearance. "Of th' Siren's Song."

No land titles--yet, at least. Maybe these two had come for the opportunity to make land grabs. But, even though his family lands were not coastal, Pietro recognized the name of the Siren's Song. Coastal nobility had plenty of gripes about the many pirates, and the Siren's Song was one name that stood out persistently among the slew of shifting ship names and pirate crews. For some unknown reason, this particular captain inspired loyalty and confidence, and, well, Pietro's lands were well out of the reach of a pirate threat. Zombies and vampires were another matter entirely.

He chuckled at Brandy's insinuation, his laugh trailing off into a considering hum, but rather than agree with the sentiment out loud, he was draw in to Zaire's self-introduction.

"Captain, your stories are legend," he said, giving a flourished tip of his head and a turn of his wrist as a show of respect. "From those stories, I'd expect you'd rather be on the high seas or in a boisterous tavern instead of attending something like this. Don't tell me you plan to exchange your ship for a castle, to clear your name of all wrongdoing. You'd disappoint all my privateer associates dead-set on catching up to you for the bounty one of these days." The sentiment was lighthearted, no hidden barbs of insult intended--more some small joy at meeting a nefarious pirate in the flesh.

"Is it true that you escaped the navy by calling mermaids to your aid?" he asked, before looking back to Brandy a bit more appraisingly. "Are you perchance one of those lovely mermaids?


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