Re: Don't Ask Me How I've Been #Jaya #Kyky #manfred #Kira


Who: Manny
With: Kira, Jaya, Kyky,
Where: Brickstone Tavern, Merchant's Quarter
When: March 14t, 872 RoK - Late Afternoon


"I really didn't think centaurs would be so big," Kyky said under her breath as the small group approached the gates, careful to keep her voice low as she knew they had acute senses as well. Because her general attitude of what's the worst that can happen? had a brand new context now, didn't it?

Jaya continued to feel responsible--for Kira coming through with her to Eventyr, and for... more than that, as well. Ever time she moved around the city, the weight of what she saw there hit harder than she expected. This was supposed to be a consequence-free vacation to fantasy land, but instead, ever since the king had died...

She didn't realize her thoughts had drifted while she walked with her compatriots down the streets of the King's City following a lead on where to buy some horses to speed up their exodus--not until Kyky spoke up and brought her back to the moment again. Maybe she could tell Kyky. They'd been adventuring together for a long time. Maybe Kyky would understand.

But not right now.

The smell more than anything else always surprised Jaya. Horses were huge animals. It shouldn't be a surprise that they smelled, regardless of how well-kept a stable was, how many hands were there to clean up the manure. It was the feed, too, and the wood chips, and sometimes the tang of metal from the horseshoes around the edges.

"Right?" Jaya agreed. "I mean, I never really expected them to stand any taller than your average human. Although, if I'm being honest, before I came here I didn't give a whole lot of thought to the size and stature of imaginary creatures." She paused and winced sheepishly as heavy hoof-clops came nearer. Had their host heard her? Was that offensive? "I really respect centaurs, though. Powerful, quick, not to be trifled with."

Manny tipped his head downward as they had walked to the stables, his mind in turmoil. What if this centaur proved unhelpful? He glanced over at Kyky, who seemed to have so much faith in him. Cornwallis was so much like his father, a mature stallion who took pride in being a centaur and rarely shifted to his two legged form. Looking upon the other horse-man Manfred suddenly missed his family, and the fear for them knotted low in his gut.

His brows arched as his female companions spoke a little too loudly. As the Cornwallis approached their group Manny threw his head back, and looked at the centaur with a wild eye stare from under his shaggy hair.  He gave a snort and stood his ground between the girls and the man-horse. It was a complicated dance of body language and with only two legs it was even more difficult to broadcast determination and not a straight out challenge.

"Hadrian Cornwallis, we seek your assistance".


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