Re: That's When I'd Get Knocked Down #Theo #Tristan

Vincent Gonzales

Who: Tristan
With: Theo
Where: Merchant's Quarter, King's City
When: March 14th, 872 RoK - Late Afternoon

Of course he was a fucking Mets fan... Well, no one could be perfect, Tristan supposed as he nodded along, taking the compliment for what it was. "I'm former military," he responded, "seems like a lot of my skills and gear kind of...transferred over. I got a lot of training on survival in adverse environments. The rest is just kind of acting on instinct." 

Tristan leaned in as Theo lowered his voice, realizing that they very well could have people listening in. Theo was way smarter than Tristan gave his New Yorkian squire credit for. "I think we're around twice as fast, here, but I haven't had time to test it. It's more of a...guess-timate," Tristan admitted, with a nod, hesitating as the other question hit. Family? Missing him? Right...

"This is my job," he said with a shrug, hand resting casually on the pommel of his sword. "Hell of a lot better than most vets get on offer, after the military is done with them..." Tristan couldn't help the bitterness in his voice as the grumble almost came out as a growl. "But here, I can make some damn good coin and it pays the bills back home. It's not a bad gig."

Despite the fact that it was fascinating, to hear about someone who, like him, wasn't from here, and it filled him with hope about someday bringing his grandmother with him, he realized that this did mean they were in kind of a time crunch. "Alright. So let's find you a circle, then. Gotta get home for that... wait, what did you mean recording session?!"


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