Re: These Mascara Tears #Marcus #sarnai #Killick

Vincent Gonzales <alchemicalnonsense2578@...>

Who: Marcus and some Marauders being supa sneaky

With: Sarnai, Killick

Where: The Northern Mountains

When: March 11th, 872 RoK - late afternoon

The trek into the Northern Mountains had been Marcus’ idea. Every fiber of his being told him that the Eastern Forest had grown too treacherous for his Marauders and so they headed North and West, out of the great forest and on to greener pastures. Well...whiter ones, at least. 

While the trees hadn’t quite given way to the greater mountaintops that lay further North yet, the bitter cold of winter was holding strong up here, and his people grew irritable. He’d allowed open hunting at night, but stuck to a forced march during the day, with a handful of advanced scouts - wolves, of course. 

The first few nights, they’d reported nothing, as he’d suspected. What kind of idiot would travel into the mountains on horseback and foot? But as they’d set out for travel, there were reports of a couple travelling just south of their position, moving in their direction. A woman and child with a male escort. Marcus had wanted to keep pace and just avoid them, but the hungry look in his wolves’ eyes told him they were itching for a fight. So he’d found a compromise. Eventually. 

His mottled grey horse trudged forward in plain sight, moving South, directly in the path of the travellers, catching the tail end of a question as he came closer. “Ho, travellers!” he called out, raising one hand above his head to call their attention, if he didn’t have it already. “Dangerous parts, these woods are. What sort of business do you have out here?”


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