Re: That's When I'd Get Knocked Down #Theo #Tristan


Who: Theo
With: Tristan
Where: Merchant's Quarter, King's City
When: March 14th, 872 RoK - Late Afternoon

"Alright. So let's find you a circle, then. Gotta get home for that... wait, what did you mean recording session?!"

Theo's brow furrowed slightly as he weighed Tristan's story in his mind--a vet, skills transferred, this was his job. He knew in a vague theoretical way that the military didn't always serve its soldiers as well as they served it, but people in his life circles tended to be the crowd that supported the troops rather than becoming the troops. It hadn't really occurred to him to try to bring Eventyr coin back to New York to see what happened because he didn't need it. This was his escape.

And, since they weren't hiding anything at this point, he gave a bit of a rueful smile as he offered his response, openly. "I know I don't look it here--when I cross through, I get this golden blond, blue-eyed thing going for me. On the other side, I'm Theo Stryker, of Monday Goes Wild."

He let the revelation hang there. He knew that Tristan wasn't exactly the target demographic, but the band had been around for nearly eight years, and a couple of their songs had topped charts.

"We're doing a nondenominational holiday charity thing, couple of feel-good songs about hope and light the fans can download and choose how much they pay. All proceeds to... the Trevor Project this time, I think? I'd popped over here for a party before I dug into the publicity packet."

He got to his feet, starting to head for the door with a shrug. "I heard that there's a couple of apothecary-type places where the college students buy their eyes of newt or whatever they need for their magic potions--one that's on the shadier side of things in the Soldier's Quarter. I sort of doubt the zombies cared about raiding for fairy dust. If we can get inside, maybe we find a stash and get us home. Or... well, do you live here or just work here?"


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