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Jaya: "Right?" "I mean, I never really expected them to stand any taller than your average human. Although, if I'm being honest, before I came here I didn't give a whole lot of thought to the size and stature of imaginary creatures." "I really respect centaurs, though. Powerful, quick, not to be trifled with."

Manny: "Hadrian Cornwallis, we seek your assistance".

Cornwallis approached the small group - and let some of the hostility out of his posture when the young man stepped forward. It was a bold move, seeing as Hadrian hadn't exactly been conducting business as usual, but the peculiar ticks in the boy's body language were a clear signal. Manfred was a centaur, even if he was on two legs in the moment. 

Unwise. Surely whatever the young one had endured this week with the invasion would have been easier to withstand on four hooves instead. 

"What assistance?" Cornwallis asked, but his words were flat enough that they barely sounded like a question, as he sized the boy up. After a thoughtful stretch, he seemed to shrug, in acknowledgement of his kinsman. "I can spare a calf, for you." For Manny's transition, presumably, back into his natural form. 

Kyky reached out to squeeze Jaya's hand for encouragement quickly, then stepped forward, up to Manny's side, and offered a plaintive smile. "We don't have much, sir," she said, tapping into her political background. This was a prosperous citizen, but likely one who took pride in not doing what the 'establishment expected.' If she had to put money on it, he was the type who'd respond stronger, the less they tried to deal by traditional means. More likely to deal without money, or promises, or appeals to wealthy or influential family. "But we're good folk."

Cornwallis' brow raised a bit, head tilting to the side, as he assessed the familiar relationship between the two, clear as day to his keen senses. The girl stood close at his fellow centaur's side, spoke warmly, her torso turned toward his, easy glances, and so he naturally assumed the attraction he sensed between the two meant that they were together.  But she showed none of the tell-tale signs of being a centaur herself - and, naturally, Cornwallis' face shadowed with judgement. Wearing a human form could be excused (if with effort) but also courting humans?


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