Dress up my Fears #James


Once upon a time, a lifetime ago, Jocasta had been the eldest daughter of one of the East's finest tailors. Extravagant clothing had been her passion - richly dyed cloth, supple leather belts, shimmering scarves… She had been fascinated, pestering her father with questions about how they were made, and frankly more interested in an apprenticeship than a husband. 

Except that said husband would have come with a wedding dress!

Now, those sparks of curiosity were deadened down to a blind, somewhat irrational need to steal fine gowns when she saw them… and the soul of the wearer while she was at it. 

But she had strayed too far, the night prior, in pursuit of a beautiful red dress. It had golden trim that glittered in the moonlight. Stalking behind the lady's carriage, Jocasta waited for her to fall asleep and then… once her work was done, found herself quite far away from her sisters. She had made most of the trip back, but soon the sun was rising, and with no caves in sight and unable to take shelter in anyone else's dwelling, Jocasta made a split-second decision. 

She curled up in the substantive shade behind a carniflower, under much of the brush it, itself, used as camouflage. It would play defense for her during the day - any humans close enough would fall into its trap and might provide a snack for her when she awoke. As an extra measure against an errant ray of sunshine, she draped the hard-won gown over her head and fell into a deathlike slumber. 

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