Re: That's When I'd Get Knocked Down #Theo #Tristan


Who: Theo
With: Tristan
Where: Merchant's Quarter, King's City
When: March 14th, 872 RoK - Late Afternoon

Somehow, it came as a relief that Tristan didn't call Theo out, doubt him, or tease him. He treated it levelly--a new fact about a friend. And, walking side by side down the road with Tristan, even though it was a pseudo-medieval fantasy land, even though they were both far from home, now that this truth was out there between them and Theo didn't have to pretend to be a local, it honestly felt a whole lot more like he was walking along with a friend. Genuine truth could do that could do that.

"Maybe we do have to find you that missing princess, then, so you can be the next king," Theo joked. "Or, I'm sure there's nobility with problems to be solved by your errant ways."

When Tristan ducked and sighed, Theo followed suit, making himself just a bit more scarce. After the last couple of days of zombie hunting, he was getting pretty good at picking up on Tristan's cues. He checked the street intersection and tried to mentally map out where they were. Just inside the Soldier's Quarter now, so it really was a toss-up.

"I'm going to hope it's zombies, because otherwise..." Theo trailed off, figuring he didn't need to finish that sentiment. It would be a lot harder to stomach fighting and killing non-zombies now that he knew some of them could actually be from the real world, too.

But, looking at them, seeing the way they were standing around, Theo really didn't think they could be zombies. Sure, he only had a couple days of so-called real life zombie hunting experience, but he'd yet to see them calm and docile. They were all looking at something, collectively.

There was a clatter, then a door slammed open, and another disheveled man came out carrying a bag. He joined the circle and dropped his bag in the middle of it.

"That all?" said one, voice rough, like he'd swallowed a few fistfuls of steel wool. "You can find better loot than this."

"Looters," Theo concluded in a whisper. "Should we go around them, try not to be noticed?"


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