Re: Dress up my Fears #James


She was drowsy, and James wasn't sure if it was the daylight since she was basically a vampire... Or whatever Succubus were related too. Or the Carniflower, who's toxic effects were starting to seep through the distance and his armor. James did not want to give himself over completely to the Green Duke as it had been in the past. It made them stronger and more vulnerable at the same time.

Jocasta was babbling in a barely coherent tone about her dress. James might have found it amusing, her being a tailor's daughter when she was alive, but he had no heart and this was a less than idea situation for amusements. "I am not a changeling, but I amĀ changed.... answer my questions and I will let you rest" he replied, as he found himself having to lean on the scabbard of his sword to maintain his balance. Damnable plant. Even if his armor protected him now, as soon as it was dark this harpy would surely strip him of it and feed him to the Carniflower. Even if he wasn't physically in danger, one couldn't be sure about the mental effects that a Carniflower had with its toxins.

Jocasta's whining about her dress attracted his waning attention. His thoughts were straying from their purpose. "The Carniflower only does what it must. As I did and do, neither of us could disobey the King's order, Jocasta and you know that" James grunted out trying to focus on the task at hand.

"Tell me what I want to know, and I will let you rest.... I will find you the most exquisite gown, Jocasta. Inlaid with jewels, you would be grander than any lady. TellĀ us, who brought you and your sisters back". She had better tell him soon, because James Castile was faltering to the damnable Carniflower, and he couldn't trust the green devil not to just go and do whatever it pleased.


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