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Silvy <afranklin09c@...>

>>>Francesca: "Have you travelled far to join us tonight?"

Her smile was small, tight, a little uncertain as the Queen repeated her name - not once, but twice, and in the back of her head, Jude wondered if she had made a misstep. Was there a well known family in the area of the name? Or was it too generic, to actually wind up being suspicious after all? 

But Jude, of course, was no simpleton. The pallid lack of tint in the woman's face wasn't powder the way some courts preferred their ladies - none settled into even the most requisite creases, and Jude was fairly certain that the kind of tinted creams Earth offered for that dewy, pale look weren't available in the Realm. So while she might have overlooked that the Queen of the West was on the thinner side, a little too eager about this evening, altogether... It smelled fishy.

How, though, was precisely her aim to discover.

"Oh not too far for the honor, your grace," She smiled humbly, tucking her chin in a brief display of reverence. She did let her gaze sneak back upward, just a bit, though - the Queen was, after all, lovely. It wouldn't do to pretend otherwise, and might honestly be an offense. "Many seem to agree." Her subtle gesture outward with her one free hand echoed the very constrained way she seemed to broach the entire affair - as though, of course, she had no business being in such a place, among such people, and ought to take up as little space as possible. 



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