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Silvy <afranklin09c@...>

>>>Sarnai: "You have a wife," ... "And children. That is how you know so much about new babies?" ... "Or," she tipped her head in curiosity, "do they have baby classes at the college?"

Her question, once she got around to it, was almost startling - a wife? Kids? With what time? And while he didn't doubt there were 'baby classes' at the college, it hadn't occurred to him to need any. Which, it was occurring to him now, might have been a bit odd. At least enough for someone to take notice, which lead Killick to wonder how exactly babies survived in a place where people knew so little of them.

>>>Marcus: “Dangerous parts, these woods are. What sort of business do you have out here?”

So it was that moments after his companion had been stricken briefly wordless, so was he - only for a shout to cut through the answer he'd nearly managed to get his mouth around. Instinctively, his hand slid over the pommel of the knife at his side. He hadn't seen nor heard the approach and so it set on him uneasily

>>>Sarnai: "Just passing through,"

"As the girl says," Killick agreed with a smile that said he didn't want any trouble. "We'll be out of it quick as we can." Which, hopefully, was enough not to incur any of the myriad fees folk who announced themselves with those words liked to exact - crossing tolls, and the like. 



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