Re: Dress up my Fears #James


James frowned at the vampiress and her critical view of him. He was tired of being judged by the living, and the not quite dead. Jocasta was a brainless slip of a girl when she was alive, and that hadn't changed with her death. She snarled and the Green Duke bristled to the challenge. Her queen..... Francesca, how did they fall so far from what they had been?

<"That thing inside you is not one of us. It does not even wear green…."   "You ask me what I am, but do you even know what you are?" >

"As if you do, Jocasta?" James replied standing, and coming to the decision that this was no place for the rabbit. "I'm sure he'll be more than happy to discuss it with you". Castille closed his eyes, and lifted his green helm to his head. It was rare these days when he let the wolf inside completely loose unsupervised... His eyes opened and glittered emerald green like dew on a new leaf.

The sword cleared its scabbard from his hip and cleaved the carniflower clean in half without a second thought. It might be a part of the enchanted forest's nature but the Green Duke ruled here and it would remain that way. "Insufferable weed" the armored figure hissed out, before turning the sticky blade and placing it under Jocasta's chin to tilt her head upward at him. "Bloodsucking whore" he greeted her in a pleased tone.

"How doth your garden grow, Jocasta?" the Duke asked in a far too gleeful tone, as he placed a metal shod foot heavily on her neck to pin her down. Gloved fingers wrapped around the fine bones of one of her wings. "Why it grows with sunlight doesn't it?" his arm arced upward and the Duke hacked away at her wing.

 "I hear that you won't die unless I cut off your head, let's find out".


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