Re: Stomping on a Beat #francesca #Jude


Jude: "Oh not too far for the honor, your grace," "Many seem to agree."

"Oh, yes!" Francesca said, her whole body lighting up. Her brows raised, her shoulders sashayed, her feet seemed rhythmic in their shifting for a moment as her attention moved to the room. Indeed, Bryonie was right - many people had arrived, and that was delightful. 

...Rafael had not. 

It was better, that Rafael was not among the many who had arrived… 

It was better. 

"Many see, now, that King's City is hardly the beacon of… stability and security that it once was," Francesca said, and took a sip of her drink - and, conservatively, made sure-sure-sure her partner did the same.  

"I knew that the unconventionality..." the queen said, thoughtfully watching her companion for any struggle with the unnecessarily complicated term. "...of the West's independence might reasonably worry the civilians." A smile. "I am so glad that it has not."

Francesca tilted her head a bit, studying Jude's face with piercing eyes. "...What brought you tonight, Bryonie?"


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