Re: Dress up my Fears #James


The way she spoke, her mannerisms, all screamed of Francesca Rossi. The part of him that was James Castile felt something, perhaps some misguide guilt. But the Green Duke only felt an almost orgasmic sense of pleasure at the sound of Jocasta's scream as he hacked through her wing. Watching that haughty look of pride and her taunts faltering.

Jocasta: "You're so angry. No wonder you laid a red carpet in your land for the king of wolves…"

A twist smile could practically be seen through the green metal of the helm as the Duke narrowed his eyes and pinned the succubus' legs... and severed the delicate tendons of her ankles. "No running, no flying for you my pretty, pretty. Tell me where your sisters are hidden and I'll make it quick for all of you..."

The armored devil grabbed a branch and pulled it down to cut off the protective shade it had cast from the waning rays of the sun. "Otherwise burn... and be the red carpet to my land... my woods" he purred. There was only one wolf in the enchanted forest, and Marcus the Vile was not he.

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