Burn your Biographies, Rewrite your History #Kyky #Sanya #manfred #rafael


Who: Sanya
With: Raphael -- Kyky, Manny
Where: The grasslands between the Western Plains and the Southern Desert
When: March 28th, 872 RoK

These were the lands of Sarnai's people. Sanya knew this, and in some corner of her mind, as she surveyed the wide wild plains, she knew Sarnai's family deserved to know what was happening to her. But she could not give them what they deserved. Unless or until Killick returned to the King's City or sent a message, it was best if no one knew where Sarnai was. And that wasn't Sanya's purpose for being here in the Southwest.

She'd come with Raphael to intercept her grandmother and thwart an alliance between the Dune Witch and the self-declared Queen of the West.

"The Witch can sniff out hypocrisy, insolence, crassness," Sanya said softly to Raph as they rode through the grass, following a horse trail. Two travelers on horseback, in modest clothes, no one important. This wasn't a meant to be a visible mission, even if it needed to be successful. "When she curses someone, they deserve it--but she is old and perceptive. She can find a deserving reason to curse anyone, no matter how slight their offense. If you bow with respect you do not feel, she could curse you to crawl on your belly as a snake until you feel the humility and respect you ought to feel in her presence. If you refuse to bow, she could curse you to be an unbowing, unyielding tree until you take a thousand lightning strikes. Every curse she utters, she uses to her advantage. But if you can somehow avoid slighting her, if you can be honest enough before her, she can't touch you with her magic."

She'd been avoiding talking too much about her family because it started her worrying unproductively. She couldn't waste time and energy wondering how her grandmother had gotten free or what the woman had done to her parents. She just had to shoulder ahead.


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