Stay Up on That Rise, and Never Come Down #Jaya #Brandy #Tristan


Who: Jaya
With: Brandy, Tristan
Where: The Western Plains, approaching Lord Oskar's Manor
When: March 28th, 872 RoK

If warlords threatened the local populace, there was one assassin they could call upon to face the threat--for the right price: The Ghost Blade. This was the persona that Jaya had developed over her years of time in Eventyr. This was an identity she'd enjoyed building up. The ways that she cleverly infiltrated warlords' camps and worked to thwart them, the satisfaction of knowing that she'd done right by the common folk and repaid a debt to them, the stories that followed her, the way that she swore her cloak billowed with more and more ominous power over the years.

After everything else that had gone down lately, it was satisfying to have the jingle of commoners' coins in her pocke again and the assurance that she was about to face off with a true monster. And two friends at her side--both well and unexpectedly met at a nearby tavern. Brandy, as it turned out, had just been in the area doing her roaming bartender thing. (Jaya tried not to be too mad at her for renting out her room in King's City--again.) Tristan had been looking for some heroic things to do. And Jaya didn't mind splitting the coin for this job.

"Since they're vampires, we should be able to approach their home by daylight and take them both by surprise," Jaya said. Her shadowy cloak rippled around her while she walked, but she had the hood down since it was just her and two generally trustworthy companions. "They're weaker by daylight--some of them are so weak they just sleep all day. Somehow, I don't think we'll get quite that lucky. They'll have tricks up their sleeves, considering their status. But the humans of the manor are our allies in this. They're afraid. They'll help us--or at least they won't get in our way."

She hoped, at least. Fear could do strange things to people, and vampires could do still stranger things, after all.


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