Shooting for the Stars When I Couldn't Make a Killing #Bridgette #Theo


Who: Theo
With: Red
Where: The Eastern Forest
When: March 28th, 872 RoK

From the second that Theo stepped through back to Eventyr, he could hear the voice in his head again. Her voice. The voice that referred to herself as Minnie. The strangest thing to happen to him since discovering that there was liTerally another magic world on the other side of pretty much any circle of flowers. While he trusted Tristan's skill as a warrior, he'd come to learn that Tristan didn't have much more actual Eventyr-centric experience than him. So he returned with one person distinctly in mind: The Red Spirit, the first person he'd met in all of Eventyr.

If anyone knew about magical diamonds that sunk into your skin and left you with voices in your head, it had to be the a hermit-witch in a forest, right?

He took a shallow breath when he stepped through, testing the air for any signs of carniflower pollen before he chose a direction and started walking.

"Red!" he called out, hoping he'd luck out. The fairy circles could be spotty, but in his experience, they brought you close to people as well as places when you focused just right. "It's Theo."

*Who's Red?* asked the voice in his head.

"A friend," he said aloud, without meaning to. Part of him thought the best tactic to deal with the unknown voice in his head was to ignore it entirely. "I think she might be able to help me understand... you."

*If you would talk to me, I could explain myself to you,* she replied, annoyance in her town. *How long did you stay in New York?*

"It was Christmas," Theo murmured softly, as if that explained it well enough. It was an excuse. He could have popped back over--would have, under normal circumstances. Under I-have-a-mystery-voice-in-my-head circumstances, though? He needed that break. He brushed through some low branches and peered carefully through the forest. "Red, are you here?"


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