We Wanted Everything, Wanted Everything #Marcus #sarnai #Killick #Liam


Who: Liam
With: Sarnai, Killick, Marcus (Note -- If you want to start a separate thread within the Marauders camp, feel free! We will also be mixing up with Malia and James once the fighting breaks out)
Where: Marauders Camp, Northern Duchy
When: March 28th, 872 RoK -- Morning
Tonight was the full moon. That would be the turning point for the Marauders in the fight to come--as long as the attack came late enough. As long as the fight lasted that long. It would be Liam's first full moon with the Marauders. His first full moon when he didn't use a shrinking potion to contain himself in a mouse cage.
Potentially the first full moon when he killed.
He was trying not to think too much about this as he ate a hasty breakfast near a now-smothered cooking fire and stared over the schematics he'd been working on since joining the Marauders. Smaller, more mobile cannons. Handheld weapons that would utilize the blasting powder to propel small projectiles that would puncture as deeply as arrows and be harder to fish out. He was only at the very start of his research--and thinking about his research kept him away from thinking too hard about teeth and claws and the taste of blood.
He glanced up and around himself to see if Killick or Sarnai were around, or Marcus perhaps. Surely the leader of the Marauders would be busy with the news that the scouts had brought--soldiers incoming, searching for their camp, soon to attack. But Marcus had shown interest in Liam's research.
When he finished eating, then he'd close his books and get started helping ready the camp for the attack. He had an axe at his feet, and his satchel of research books near him, as well. Whether they planned to stand and fight or scatter into the rocks and trees and harry the soldiers, he'd be ready to follow Marcus.

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