All Tied Up, No More Love #zaire #Oseanie


Who: Oseanie With: Zaire, Siren's Song Crew Where: The Eastern Forest, rivers When: March 28th, 872 RoK
Oseanie approached the webbed roping up to the crow's nest, her belly full of breakfast and a bit of ale, the sun's rays warming her shoulders. The East was a feast for her senses - the trees were so different from the ones on the Island back home, thick and tall where the ones she knew best were thin and pliable. She had seen animals lapping at the shore she hadn't seen before - like goats, perhaps, but taller, leaner, more graceful. Even the water was different. Oseanie couldn't tell if it was growth or pollution or moss that made the water darker even when the sun shone overhead, but these rivers did not have the familiar blue shine of the sea. 

The new information, sensory and intellectual, interested the young pirate as much as it overwhelmed her. A crewmate had pulled her back from peering too keenly over the ship's edge just that morning. And while she finally had something to say in the mess hall - "did you see the tall goat, this morning, off the starboard side?" - few had responded, most still celebrating. 

They had cause to celebrate, though. The Captain had ordered the raid on an Eastern ship not two days ago, and the prize had proven valuable - a dozen casks of cider, along with a chest of gold that had been used to purchase the other dozen earlier along their route. Nothing made pirates happier than both gold and drink in one fell swoop. 

And then they had - despite the Quartermaster's misgivings - still been in good enough shape to collect the package Queen Francesca had paid them to transport. The cloaked figure had seemed rather mysterious and dangerous, flanked as it was by the winged vampires who flew overhead to guard them, but since the evening whoever it was had kept to themselves. The dawn came and, with the vampires now safely in the hull, it seemed a normal, cheerful morning. 



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