Re: Go Make a Legacy, Manifest Destiny #James #Malia


Who: James

With: Malia
Where: The North, Military camp
When: March 28th, 872 RoK

The Green Duke listened as the Duchess of the North rally their troops, his Eastern soldiers just as enthralled by her spirit as they were in fear of his. She knew how to keep their attention whether making sure their bellies were full, or their simple heads with thoughts of revenge and justice. She was quite the... actress, he almost believed she felt remorse for the spies that had not returned.

James rode along side of Malia on his stallion like a green tinted shadow. She was the heart of this army, and he was its muscle and sinew. She was the shield, and he the sword. They would not let the kingdom fall to ruin.

"The times have found us," Malia began. The words weighed heavy a moment, then she went on. "Eventyr hovers on the edge of chaos. Fear, uncertainty, and death have knocked on the door of every household in our Kingdom… but it is still our kingdom. It belongs to us - the people - not to pretender queens or to the creatures. Today, we will stand against that chaos; and we stand together. With our countrymen, and our allies." 

She took his hand, and James easily lifted with hers as if they were already the victorious champions of the battle.

"Blasting powder in the hands of our enemies - not unlike creatures on the loose - presents an existential threat," Malia went on, more somberly. "Entire castles," built as fortresses, "can be brought down…" 

With a deep breath, Malia continued. "Today, we reclaim power. For the people, and for the nobles who represent them. Any less will allow Eventyr's descent into chaos." 

She did have a lovely way with words, he could almost see them snaking around the heads of the men like the hands of a lover. The applause broke him out of his own thoughts and he turned to look at his alley, lover and muse.

"Let's find these motherfuckers," Malia said to James, while most of her words were drowned out by cheering, and she smirked, "And eat them alive." 

The crude words coming from her beautiful mouth made his own curl into a smile, the first one in a while. And he raised an armored fist above his head and gave a fierce shout with amp up the men around them. The Duke's eyes glittered dark green like the deepest part of the great forest, if he wasn't careful there wouldn't be much left of James Castile in the armor. In these situations it was easy to let the Green Spirit take over...

They would be hunting for him as well as doing Francesca's bidding once the skies darkened. The female vampires, he had destroyed two of their number. It raised the morale and hopes of soldiers and citizens alike, and it put a huge target on his armored back. But he would have terminated them fanfare or not, it was simply his destiny to do so.

"Gather all the smiths and silver you can" he ordered his captain before dismounting his horse so he and Malia could plan with and without their commanders. Some words were not meant for common men to hear.



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