Re: We Wanted Everything, Wanted Everything #Marcus #sarnai #Killick #Liam


Who: Sarnai

With: Liam, Killick, Marcus

Where: Marauders Camp, Northern Duchy

When: March 28th, 872 RoK -- Morning


The prospect of battle had Sarnai's blood singing. Sure, she wouldn't be on the front lines, partially because she didn't have her own battle ready mount, but also because of Erden. He'd stay with her, wrapped securely against her front, and she'd keep her distance from the fighting and pick off their enemies with bow and arrow. Killing Northern soldiers would be a new experience but certainly one that didn't bother her; they were Malia's men, after all. No, she'd delight in their deaths if only because it would deal a blow to the Duchess of the North. 

With that lovely thought in mind, Sarnai made her way through the camp, her quiver on her back and her bow slung over one shoulder. She absently patted her son's swaddled rump as she walked, giving him a smile when his little hand closed around the end of her braid and he made a soft coo of wonder as he stared up at her. Every day he seemed to change, growing ever more interested in the world around him and a bit less interested in simply sleeping and eating. It was surprisingly exciting for the young mother, who had had such little desire to hold the role to begin with. She was embracing it now though, promising her son - both silently and aloud when they were alone - that she would teach him all he needed to know. He would ride and hunt and fight and slay anyone who would come for him, because come for him they would. Someday. Eventually. Sarnai couldn't hide him away forever.

"Good morning, Liam," Sarnai greeted as she came upon the huge werewolf. She settled down across from him at the fire pit and helped herself to a leftover boiled egg, glancing curiously at the pages in his lap as she peeled the shell away. She didn't know Liam very well yet, but Killick knew and trusted him and Sarnai knew and trusted Killick. Well, sort of knew him. She did trust him though, which made it easy for her to extend that trust to Liam, as well. Plus, he had the loveliest blue eyes that she very much enjoyed looking at. 

Glancing around to see if her traveling companion was nearby, Sarnai leaned a little closer, "You were in school with Killick, yes? Did you know him well?" 



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